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WIP - Enchanting Spirits

so my dumbass at some point merged my sketch layer with my linework layer and didnt realize it until it was so late. so now I have to go back and redo the lines. so upset by this rn, because I was really enjoying the process of this, but I really dont want to have to redo it.... so in case I dont here some WIP cause i need about 90 minutes to sit and cry before coming back to it.


OH FFS! i did it again >< i had been saving it out as a png vs a krita file so none of my layers had been preserved. what the freaking hell is wrong with me lately... so im going to go find a corner and cry for about 3 hours and then try again.


Im calling it done, im so tired from working on this and it looks good enough if not perfect in my mind. I recorded this process, so unless that wants to go wrong too then I should have video up soon.

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